Saab will soon show crossover 9-3X

Saab will soon show crossover 9-3X In the second half of next year in Russia will start selling its new crossover Saab 9-3X. According to a senior GM in Russia, who asked not to be named, this car is a very big bet. He may be the most popular Saab in our market.Based Saab 9-3X will be the platform from the new generation Saab 9-3, but the main advantage of the 9-3X will be increased clearance and a more aggressive appearance. Also, don't forget about the all-wheel drive system.Competitors Saab 9-3X in our market are such models as the Audi Allroad, Subaru Outback and Volvo . . Читать полностью -->

Sverdlovsk dealer returned the money for the defective car - Hire

Sverdlovsk dealer returned the money for the defective car - HireIn the Sverdlovsk oblast public organization motorists forced local dealership to return the money to the buyer for sold him a defective car. According to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", a resident of Yekaterinburg Jan Karpenko drove on the new Kia Spectra only eight kilometers, after which the machine was broken automatic transmission. In the course of negotiations with the dealership was that sellers need three months for examination, consultation with the manufacturer, and order and delivery of the new transmission.However, to help Karpenko came the regional Committee for the protection of the rights of motorists, who filed a lawsuit against the dealership, demanding to return to the buyer the full cost of the car, as well as to compensate the interest on the loan taken to buy a car, and moral damage. The court ultimately ordered to pay Karpenko 466 thousand, which includes the cost of the car and the interest on the loan, and also fined the showroom at 230 thousand rubles in favor of the state for the sale of defective goods.Interestingly, it was the first case in the region, when the buyer failed to defend their . . Читать полностью -->

Hyundai introduced a new Microlitre

Hyundai introduced a new Microlitre Hyundai has introduced a new compact city car i10, which will compete with the Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo and Fiat Panda. It is reported by British magazine Autocar.Hyundai i10 is built on the platform of a compact car Kia Picanto, however, the novelty begins to 70 mm long, and its wheelbase will increase by 10 millimeters. This car will receive a 65-horsepower gasoline engine with a volume of 1.1 liters, paired with a five-speed manual transmission. The same motor was installed and the Picanto, but the new unit Hyundai differs reduced to 119 grams per kilometre CO2 emissions. Dynamic characteristics i10 are not reported.Launched Hyundai i10 will be at the plant of the South Korean brand in India. On the European market the novelty will appear only in March next year, and its cost in the base case will be about 13 thousand Читать полностью -->

Mitsubishi offers "download" Colt hatchback from the Internet - the

Mitsubishi offers The Spanish arm of Mitsubishi Motors start a marketing campaign in which anyone can find and download scattered on the usual sites and file-sharing p2p networks image details hatchback Colt. Whoever of these photos will be the first whole car will get a real Mitsubishi Colt as a gift. It is reported by the website TorrentfreakIn total on the Internet on various websites "hidden" images 30 parts Mitsubishi Colt - from rugs and fixtures mirrors to the whole body. Although the official start of the competition will be given only after 12 hours, the Internet users have already found about 44 percent of the vehicle parts. In this next part, you need to find is the speedometer.As representatives of Mitsubishi Motors, the action is timed to the international motor show in Barcelona, which for the General public opens on may 8. To participate or to monitor the progress of the action on the special Читать полностью -->

Toyota will give jobs

Toyota will give jobs Multifunctional office-industrial complex LLC "Toyota Motor", which is 600 jobs will open in Mytishchi municipal district of Moscow region on Tuesday. This was reported by an employee of the Ministry of press and information of the Moscow region.OOO "Toyota Motor" will become one of the largest taxpayers in the budget of the Moscow region. The volume of investments amounted to about $100 million, created 600 jobs," said the woman.According to her, the complex with a total area of 51 thousand square meters includes office building, Bank, showroom, centre for training specialists in the sale and maintenance of vehicles and spare parts warehouse.In the Moscow region 19.5 thousand of unemployed . . . Читать полностью -->

Mercedes will begin to make an electric car in 2010

Mercedes will begin to make an electric car in 2010 Executives of Daimler reiterated that already in 2010 in Germany will begin production car with elektromotoren. Apparently, it will be a little Smart, which can be recharged from an ordinary electrical outlet. But it is possible that the electric car will do and under the brand name Mercedes-Benz.How much will it cost to electric vehicles from Daimler is not yet known. Most likely, a little Smart with electric motor will cost about 18 000 . . Читать полностью -->

Chevrolet recalls 30 thousand coupe Corvette because of problems with roof

Chevrolet recalls 30 thousand coupe Corvette because of problems with roof Chevrolet announced the recall of more than 30 thousand sports coupe Chevrolet Corvette 2005 and 2006 model year. The reason for this recall is that at high speed some of the Corvette can "pluck" the Central part of the roof, which has a removable construction and kept in a special latches. According to Chevrolet, it is now known about 21 this case, which, fortunately, did not lead to any injuries.The American brand dealers were notified of the launch service campaign last Friday and are ready to take the owners of the revoked vehicles. According to experts, the problem is likely associated with the sloppy owners who simply don't end up zamalchivaut fixing the roof, but Chevrolet still ready to eliminate this defect.In addition, problems with mounting the center section of the roof can lead to the ingestion of beauty moisture or excessive noise. Now the representatives of the GM aware of 395 cases of loose fixation of this . Читать полностью -->

Announced the contenders for the title "world car of the year" - the

Announced the contenders for the title The organizers of the contest "world car of the year - 2008" (World Car of the Year) announced the list of ten machines-finalists, who were selected from 39 applicants. As a result, the title of the best car in the world will compete: Audi A5/S5, Audi R8, Cadillac CTS, Ford Mondeo, Ford S-Max, Mazda2, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Skyline Coupe (Infiniti G37 Coupe) and Volvo C30.In addition, it released the list of finalists nominated for the award in the category "world sports car of the year". For this title will fight: Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, Audi R8, Audi S5, BMW M3, Honda Civic Type-R, Maserati GranTurismo, Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series, as well as Renault Clio F1 Team R27.It is worth noting that during the competition the jury will also select environmentally friendly and the most beautiful car of the year.The top three finalists in each category the jury, consisting of 47 journalists from 23 countries, call on 20 February of the current year, and the winners will be announced on 20 March at the international motor show in new Yorkauto.lenta.ru31.01.2008. . . . Читать полностью -->

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